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Hair loss affects millions of men and women across the world. Possible reasons could range from simple and temporary (e.g. vitamin deficiency) to more complex issues, such as an underlying health condition.

Privé Regenera is a safe and effective solution for the prevention and treatment of hair loss. It is an innovative system for obtaining, processing and administering cells in order to stimulate hair growth. As the treatment uses your body’s own cells to regenerate hair follicles, this treatment is 100% natural and bio-compatible with no risk of rejection.

How does it work?

Privé Regenera is a comfortable treatment that relies on patients’ own cells to regenerate new hair follicles for the scalp which will eventually lead to new hair growth. This treatment helps to activate dormant cells under the scalp, and inactive hair follicles.

Privé Regenera is carried out by getting small samples of the skin along the back of the scalp. The Regenera Activa machine then refines and extracts growth factors from these samples, which will then be re-introduced into the scalp to stimulate hair growth. The whole process is quick and efficient – it takes only takes 30 to 45 minutes, and only one session is required.

Many hair restoration treatments claim to increase the number of follicles and to be able to improve hair loss conditions. However, the truth is there is no actual treatment capable of creating hair follicles aside from a hair transplant, since a hair follicle is not a single tissue but a tiny, full anatomical structure. The Privé Regenera method is no exception to this rule, and its action is based on the regeneration and recovery of severely non-functional but still-alive hair follicles. These follicles are known as “miniaturized” follicles. The more miniaturized hair follicles a patient has at the beginning of the treatment, the better the expected results.


What is the process like?

Step 1: Local anaesthesia is injected to make the process more comfortable.

Step 2: Using a biopsy punch, 3-5 adipose tissue samples are extracted from the back of the head as this region is highly vascularized and safe.

Step 3: The patented Regenera Activa machine divides the tissue samples into small, absorbable portions and extracts growth factors that have potent regenerative capabilities.

Step 4: These growth factors are then carefully injected back into the areas of the scalp that suffer from hair loss.



Ideal Candidates for Privé Regenera



 1. Is the process painful?

Local anaesthetic is injected in the area for cell-harvesting to make the process more comfortable. At Privé, we aim for all patients to enjoy a comfortable procedure with every treatment. Therefore, we also have other pain management options available for patients who have a lower pain tolerance.


2. How long does the results last?

Depending on an individual’s ageing process and lifestyle, results can last 1-3 years. A reduction in hair fall is first observed, followed by gradual thickening in the next 12-18 months. Patients also have the option of enhancing the results by combining Privé Regenera with other treatments such as Laser Hair Rejuvenation or Viviscal oral supplements.


3. Is there any downtime?

There is no downtime required although patients may expect some slight swelling, bruising or redness that generally go down in 2-3 days.


4. Are there any side effects?

Our preliminary data suggest that the injection of HFSCs (human follicle stem cells) has a positive therapeutic effect without major side effects.


5. Who would be a good candidate for Privé Regenera?

As with all procedures, we recommend that patients are thoroughly assessed by our doctors first to determine if the patient’s condition falls under non-scarring alopecia or scarring alopecia. Privé Regenera would work not work well on patients with scarring alopecia, or on areas where the hair follicles are permanently destroyed.


6. How much bleeding should we expect from the harvesting of the cells?

Not much bleeding will occur as it will be cleaned up during the procedure. At Privé Clinic, our doctors may do stitches for the puncture wound where the tissues are derived from. We do not expect much bleeding from harvesting of the cells. However, patients who are on blood thinners or similar supplements are advised to stop the medication 3 days prior to the procedure.


7. How many injections does it take to graft the cells onto balding areas?

Point by point 0.1ml/point injections are done on the affected areas and they are usually spread evenly over the affected area. The number of injections will depend on the severity of the patient’s condition.


8. Is this procedure safe?

Privé Regenera is a safe procedure with minimal downtime and risks. This procedure should only be performed in a medical aesthetics clinic by a certified doctor. You can be assured that the doctors at Privé Clinic are certified and have extensive hands-on training to give you optimal results and experience.


Important note:
The Ministry of Health of Singapore does not allow the publishing of before and after photographs and patient testimonials in advertising materials. If you visit our clinics for more information, we will be happy to show you more photographs and pictures of our patients.

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